Former Staff

Here are the old OPs in #mIRCscripting. Gone, but never forgotten.

Nickname Description Pics
Lisa^B Good friend of sh0ck's that we all miss :-( Not Yet
LiquidIce Channel founder. Not Yet
Watcher^^ Offline, but not forgotten. Yes
DellyGirl Great girl with a great sense of scripting! Yes
linda_uk Part of the LLPro team. Not Yet
Shiznit When are you coming back? Not Yet
dohcan^ mastermind (recluse?) Not Yet
Labyrinth Offline. (A paradox.) Not Yet
DreameR The picture doesn't do justice! Not Yet
bejjan Always buzzing somewhere. Not Yet
RaveAngel Nice girl with a scripting spirit. Yes
kousi hey, tell kousi Not Yet
msTigger ICQ Yes
Iceprncess Just take a look. Yes
fubar Wrote my favorite addon. Not Yet
Ez4u2luv Too many numbers in the nick :/ Yes
Macondo Friend from Mexico, always in good cheer. Yes
Jagfire Awesome 'op that never sleeps' Not Yet
Zaith Works hard, was a great scripter :) Yes
Codex` Great inside info. Yes Bike
Parabola Nass? Website Yes
Splodgey One of the older fellows. Yes
methylene There is nothing Silly about his scripting. Not Yet
sigh (great website) Not Yet
blue-elf_ Awesome scripter. Tutorials Not Yet
DarkEngel Access denied. Not Yet
Powerkor Come back. Yes